World Mental Health Day 2017

World Mental Health Day 2017

Today is World Mental Health Day and I am overjoyed to see so many people talking openly about mental health. It’s refreshing to see my Twitter timeline full of tweets of hope, support and understanding for mental illness – definitely something we don’t see enough of day-to-day! 

As somebody who hopes to raise awareness for mental health, I of course feel a responsibility to speak out on such days and make my voice heard. Days of awareness, like today, are a chance for our message to reach a wider audience and for that audience to listen. 

Mental illness is usually something we prefer to ignore. It’s ‘too awkward’ and ’embarrassing’ to talk about what goes on in our heads, right? However, World Mental Health Day brings this extremely important subject to the forefront of everybody’s mind. A topic that is so wrongly treated as taboo and shunned in our society is today the focus of our attention. It’s movements such as these that bring us one step closer to normalising talk around mental health.

Why must we stop at one day, though? As far as I’m concerned, ‘World Mental Health Day’ is everyday. The battle in one’s mind when dealing with a mental health condition never ceases, and neither should the ability to talk about it. The compassion and understanding around mental illness that is so evident today should, in my opinion, exist every day. 

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